MACTECH” Exhibition   As a leading company in the market, at “Becatronics”, we do perceive business exhibitions and fairs as being a key facet of our marketing strategy. Business exhibitions can provide the ideal platform on which we can showcase our family of client all that there is in the business.       MACTECH is more than a trade f » Read More
When you talk metal reforming, you talk “Becatronics”. That is why we are always keen on taking advantage of every opportunity to meet our family of clients and introduce our company to new members of this great family.       Metal & Steel Middle East Exhibition has established itself as a solid and reliable platform which caters to the requirement of the region » Read More
  Plasma machine is deemed one of the overall solutions for automatic cutting oper-ations of metals like iron and steel,  tin sheets,  plates,  stainless steel,  aluminum and copper.     Moreover,  it is used in a broad scope in many industries like:  advertising such as facades of shops,  external décor and their internal requisites. &n » Read More
  1- لا تحتاج لصيانة وتتميز بعمر طويل للمنتج . 2- مقاومة ممتازة للصدمات ومقبولة الثمن مقارنة بالنتيجة وبين باقى الخامات . حيث يوجد ألواح ألومنيوم مركبة ذات حشوة داخلية (الطبقة الوسطى) من مادة اسمه البولي ايثيلين (النقي » Read More