Plasma machine is deemed one of the overall solutions for automatic cutting oper-ations of metals like iron and steel,  tin sheets,  plates,  stainless steel,  aluminum and copper.


  Moreover,  it is used in a broad scope in many industries like:  advertising such as facades of shops,  external décor and their internal requisites.


  metal antiques,  lighting décor,  appliqués and other internal décor. 

structures,  trusses and all metal constructions. 


 manufacturing of metal chassis of products,  and parts of machines and equipment in general.  and mainly used in manufacturing ships trains Cars

Armored vehicles and transport trailers of all kinds.  caravans with metal structure. 

 Goods containers.  manufacturing parts of cranes and hoists.  storage racks of raw materials.  parts of tanks of all kinds.


  metal industries feeding most industries.  general constructions and metal furniture.  doors and metal doors whether decorative or armored.  factories of central air conditioning lines production. 


 manufacturing parts of cement factories lines and equipment.  manufacturing parts of oil drilling rig of all sizes and it is also used in slotting by metal square and circular pipes 


In any metal industry plasma machines should be used because it saves effort and meanwhile increases productivity .