General Questions
A Universal Company for Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (Becatronics) is an industrial company. We are the manufacurer of CNC machines, currently Router and Plasma applications. We produce different models with different sizes and powers in which to serve our customers in the optimum way. We offer services such as machine and software training and maintenance.
A Don't worry, our machines are designed to withstand harsh conditions and it has thermal sensors that will shut the machine off in case of heat limit exceeded.
A For Plasma and Router machines, we produce machines cabable of working 250 * 130 cm and 400 * 200 cm.
A Becatronics - as any other Original Equipment Manufacurer - has its own R&D team responsible for designing the machines and the selection of parts. We choose the best offered component in the market and we are comparable to the known brands in terms of the level of quality of the selected parts.
A Becatronics - as an OEM - is building its reputation againest what is known about the Egyptian industry - sadly - as we are very consistent in appling quality measures and controls in the products presented to our customers, we choose the parts very carfully to acheive the best possible performance. We have the ability to support our products with the best offered services thanks to our teams accumelated experience and extensive practice. We - proudly - compete with the known American and Italian brands in the same segments of products. We also think that we excel in the aftersales services offered in our region.
A All the light metals and all types of wood and some types of plastics.
A You need to know how to draw victor drawings (dxf) and sometimes 3d drawings, then you need to know on of the CAM software (Artcam for example) and then you need to know how to operate the machine.
A All machine prices includes the free training on these skills to put you on the first steps to become an expert user.
A Optimum use of the machines will definately lengthen its lifetime and will reduce the cost of maintenance. You have to make sure of the following: 1. Ground connection is properly operational. 2. Electric current is stable and at the correct voltage (use stablizer in other cases). 3. Follow the tables provided by each machine to operate it in the normal conditions.
A Becatronics works as make to stock not make to order in our standard machines, so you might even take it in the same day and could be more than 15 days based on the current orders.
A You will be offered to sign an extended warrentee contract, or you will be charged case by case
A Becatronics works as make to stock not make to order in our standard machines, so you might even take it in the same day and could be more than 15 days based on the current orders.
A Yes, but it is better to use ArtCam as we provide postprocessor for it and the output from ArtCam with our postprocessor will be the best G-code file can be extracted.
A Just connect the machine to the internet (throw RJ45 connector or USB) and we will have the ability to solve any of your possible software problem from our site.
A Yes, and this is one of our machines advantages, you can visually choose the line that you want the machine to start from.
A Contact the maintenance team immediately to define your problem and solve it.
A We offer a large dxf library which you can start using immediately.
A All of our machines are designed to be upgraded and modified easily, just contact us and we will tell you what to do.
A Steppers are precise motors with moderate powers and prices, Servos have much power and can reach higher speeds without losing tourque.
A Ballscrews are very presice with very low maintenance cost and very high life time, new versions have very considerable speeds. While the rack and pinion has the ability to accelerate much faster with higher stability at high speeds.
A Backlash is one of the biggest problems in CNC mechanical systems, Becatronics has QC processes that prevents this from happenening in our machines.
A The reason/s of such breakage could be one or more of the following;   *               The quality of the drill bit.   o               The motor suddenly stops working.   o               The motor is vibrating during cutting.   o              The fastener nut is damaged or corrosive.   o              The work-piece is not installed or fastened right.   o             High rotational speed while the motor is vibrating.   o             Using the full length of the drill bit (exceeding the limit).   o             he motor torque is weak when it comes to solid materials.   o            The depth of the pieces is greater than the length of the drill bit.   o            The drill bit is keeping the sawdust during cutting at high speed.   o            The drill bit hit a rigid obstacle during movement (such as pins or bolts).    
A We answer your email and phone quries about how to use the machine and software