Guarantee & Maintenance   We do provide our clients with a fair and balanced guarantee that can reach up to five-years. After the company’s guarantee period ends, we do offer our clients with a state of the art maintenance contract that merely covers the cost of the required spare parts, transportation & living costs and other basic charges (if applicable). 


          We allow our clients to inspect and test their newly purchased machines and ensure that it does function properly and in accordance with the specifications agreed on. 


At the client’s request, we can offer our clients to ship/deliver, test and operate (the initial operation) their newly purchased machine/s at the client’s site whether inside Egypt or anywhere else around the world (additional charges may apply).

Spare Parts

We are committed to provide our clients with the beat available and most suitable spare parts directly from its manufacturer/s to ensure the sustainability of the clients’ machine/s. 

Updated Designs

Our products are designed in accordance with all applicable international specifications that meet not just our clients’ current requirements, but also future ones. The design of our machines can be easily maintained, modified and updated to meet any new requirements that the local/global business market/s might demand.

Scientific Research

Our state-of-the art scientific research department is specifically designed to create new and updated business solutions that give our clients the competitive edge in the ever-changing global market.


Marketing We do provide our family of clients with the opportunity of B-2-B network integration. We do publish the great brilliant work and designs of our highly professional clients from all parts of the world in order to open new markets for them enabling them to reach new heights of market-share and profitability. 


We provide our clients with the technical advice and the training (theoretical & practical), necessary to operate their newly purchased machines safely and effectively, by our highly trained professionals.  

Technical support

Technical support   Our after-sale services are the best in the business. We are committed to credibility, punctuality and discipline in answering our clients’ service calls. This has earned us the great reputation that we best known for now days. We also provide our clients with the most recent updates in his/her business as well as all the technical updates necessary in order to keep up with the global market of his/her field of business.