President of the Tripoli & Northern Lebanon Chamber “Tawfiq Daboussi” have met with a delegation from “The Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association”  (ELBA).The delegation included the C.E.O of Becatronics Mr. Ahmed Samy, the Vice President of Exporters and Foreign Trade Division of the Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria Bahiri Ahmed, Chairman of the Economic Committee Marwan Zantout, Board Member Ahmed Azmi Tiba in the presence of the Commercial Counselor at the Egyptian Commercial Office in Beirut Mona Wahba, Head of Commercial and Public Relations at Tripoli Chamber Linda Sultan.



Daboussi stressed to the delegation the importance of working in an atmosphere of partnership to establish a clear mechanism to strengthen Egyptian-Lebanese trade and investment ties and provide facilities related to the exchange of goods and products between the two countries, especially in the fields of agriculture and investment and coordination between businessmen and private sector institutions in both countries. He expressed his pride in "the exemplary cooperation process between the Tripoli and the North Lebanon Chamber and the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt within the framework of the joint strategic vision aimed at securing the benefits of all the advantages that both countries have."


During the meeting with the Egyptian delegation, Daboussi listened to "the great offers and facilities offered by the Arab Republic of Egypt to open a wide horizons for economic and investment cooperation. The relations and ties between the Lebanese and the Egyptians and the successes recorded by the Lebanese in the development and investment projects gives impetus to joint action in various fields. And that the Egyptian facilities for the Lebanese investors will be to the extent of their ambitions and aspirations, as well as the interest of the Egyptian side to develop relations with Lebanon in general and Tripoli & North Lebanon in particular, especially that both the city and the region have the attractive economic power necessary to enhance the Egyptian-Lebanese relations in various economic and investment sectors.



From the Egyptian side, Ms. Wahba praised "the role played by the Tripoli & North Lebanon Chamber under the leadership of President Daboussi towards strengthening and developing Lebanese economic relations.” She also did stress that "the relations that bind the Egyptian embassy to the Tripoli Chamber is the privileged relations they have with each other through full cooperation and coordination, since the Egyptian government has a keen interest in the establishment of an Egyptian trade fair in Tripoli at a later stage.